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it seems to have been a year... [09 Dec 2007|09:08pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

since i posted on this.

do indulge me in re-introducing yourselves
possibly some old lj-er flames of friendships will rekindle.

i find it odd that i haven't been on this for such a long while
but hey, i'm kinda ( not really ) back.

lots have changed in my life
and im sure in yours so..

ready, set, go.

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[30 May 2006|09:05am]
So yeah. Here's the deal. Write 6 things about you that people normally wouldn't know. Or random things only a few people know.

Then tag 6 people.

1. My first boy crush was a disaster. He flushed my love note down the toliet.
2. I have a secret fascination for history.
3. I get heat exhaustion way too easily and fainted once while running the mile. First time I was in a hospital bed and in an ambulance.
4. I collect raisin boxes.
5. I clean more then 2 times a week.
6. I like to sing on the toliet.

tagging...gretchasketch, xseslumierex, foxes, barnardsoul, mykitcheniscold, _sea_ghost,
6 adventurous cause everybody dies..alone

[26 May 2006|03:56am]
[ mood | horny ]

i'm addicted...

to clubbing, that is ;]

cause everybody dies..alone

"people online are evil" [19 May 2006|11:32pm]
my mom would tell me that.. alot.. when i was younger.
she would get so mad when i tell her i talked to someone like half way across the globe fearing that it was some rapist, preying on me..

i was talking to my friend from chicago who i met on myspace.. about how people over react on this topic..

here's the truth.

some of the most influential people in my life, i met on myspace or online. Yes i've said it. People give me weird looks when i say something about a myspace friend, i guess today, myspace friend < regular friend

it's not true... some of the most kindhearted people i've ever met in my LIFE, are people i've talked through the internet... So society, kiss my ass... you never know the people who you COULD be friends with, living states and states away, can leave a handprint on your heart.

so im not ashamed to say i have "myspace friends"... some of those friendships mean more to be then any casual hey and hello friendship with someone in california.

so this post goes out to them-
(not many read em' so i guess, this one goes out to THE gretch,dee, etc. etc. etc.)
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this ones a public. [25 Apr 2006|02:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

My sleeping habit is totally whacked now. screw you spring break.

I'm totally excited about my new classes at art school. The only problem with that is that... I FORGET ABOUT OTHER THINGS. Other things like a freaking art history test i have tomorrow that totally slipped my mind. I don't know crap about it either. I wont be home till 10pm today (right now im at work). The hard thing about going to a school that you wont be going to in september is that it makes you more lazy. you wonder why you're even there, pcc, because i want to be learning how to draw and doing my stories... not writing papers about the most broad subjects in the world (feminism and racism). Right now, the grades aren't important, at all. Thank god cause right now i would be stressing about how horrible they are.

in other news.
i "sold" my first water color painting. for those who know what im talking about :]
too ecstatic!!!

if you dont know i stopped using that geocities site
now i post on:


come check it out
all comments are allowed :]
whether negative or positive.

i also hate coming home late and no one calling me to see if im okay.
tell me theres a sign- lack of love
although when my mom was still home she would do that constantly
i miss her, shes coming back this monday from korea!!! :]

oh yeah,
im buying san diego wicked tickets this friday
kinda excited
also open show... 8pm-5am of all student films at Cal Arts.

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